Different Occasions

Compared to men women have many options when it comes to the choice of dresses & also accessories. It is true that – in this modern time – many accessories & dresses are tailored specifically for men. But always women have more choices when compared to men – as along with men more & more types of dresses are available for women too now. Some costumes which were used by men are used by women too now. Previously men used to wear shirts but now both men and women of India use shirts. We will discuss the three women costume-pairs that are used widely by women in India during various occasions.

The three main costume pairs that are used by women

It is true that a wide range of clothing options are available for women. If you go to a costume store then you will be able to see the various varieties of clothes spread all over the women cloth display area. But we will be discussing about the vastly used clothing options – preferred by ladies of this era – and also will try to understand the specific occasions on which they like to wear the specific-costume pair. The three different costumes pairs which are used widely & therefore are discussed in this article are:

Different Occasions

  • Jeans pant that can be used with formal shirts
  • Track pants that can be used along with t shirts
  • Salwar pants that can be worn along with Kameez

Jeans pant that can be used with formal shirts

Ladies jeans suppliers in India offer you jeans pant that come in various shades and style. You can gather shaded jeans or the normal one. You can gather black or blue jeans. Many more varieties are available in each category of colour, types etc. But we won’t be able to discuss all those varieties in this specific article. That many options are available in the jeans pant! The mostly used costume along with jeans pant is a shirt. Many wear t-shirt too along with jeans pant. But the formal wear is a shirt. You can use the jeans and shirt combination while you go to office. This helps you in looking professional.

Track pants that can be used along with t shirts

Ladies track pant manufacturers in India provides you with nice track pants that can be used during workouts. You might be a person who is very health conscious. Such people do workouts regularly. The track pants help you in doing your workout well without any interruptions or issues. They are the best type of pants that can be used when you go for a workout or other kind of physical activities that need many movements to be done freely & comfortably.

Salwar pants that can be worn along with Kameez

Different Occasions

Salwar Kameez is a well known dress that can be mentioned as a traditional wear. In India; people use sari as a traditional wear. But now because of the fast life and due to other various reasons people prefer using Salwar kameez as a traditional wear; everywhere. Buy them and use them during traditional functions & celebrations that demand the usage of traditional wear rather than modern dresses.

The above three are the three main pair of costumes that are used by people of India much. Make sure that you buy these costumes and have one set of each costume pair in your wardrobe. Use the right pair at the right occasion. If you are not comfortable with any one or more costumes mentioned above then no issues! You can definitely wear whatever you are comfortable with. But these are the costumes that are used in general and are respected much in specific scenarios mentioned above. These costumes help you in looking right at a particular occasion. Therefore buy them and use them in such a way that you do follow the norms and please the crowd. But you can definitely showcase your own unique style – by making slight modifications in the way you wear your dress. This helps you in gathering attention – even in a big crowd.

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