What is the Best Purse Hairbrush for Frizzy Hair?

If you have frizzy hair, you probably avoid hairbrushes. You figure they’ll make your hair frizzier so it’s better not to brush it.

That’s a Myth.

Frizzy hair needs to be brushed just as much as hair that isn’t frizzy. If anything, it needs more brushing because your scalp needs help distributing its natural oils so your hair doesn’t get so dry and frizzy.

But the type of brush you use matters. Use the wrong one and you could end up making your hair even frizzier – not what you want.

So what would be the best purse hairbrush for frizzy hair? Here are the top qualities.

Good Bristles

When we say good bristles, we mean bristles that will get through your hair but not hurt it. You don’t want coarse bristles or bristles that are so tough that they break your hair. That only creates more frizz.

Instead, you want bristles made from durable materials that gently work through the tangles without breaking your hair. They should be strong enough to last, but not so strong that they break your hair instead of themselves.

Ergonomic Style

You are more likely to use a brush when it’s easy to hold and use. A bulky travel brush doesn’t do you any good. It will sit at the bottom of your purse collecting dust and debris while your hair remains frizzy.

Instead, look for a brush that you can hold easily in the palm of your hand, and that works for both right and left hands. It should be easy to handle so you can run the brush through your hair quickly, especially if you’ll use it at work or while in a hurry.

A Good Cover

Have you ever looked at what’s in the bottom of your purse? You probably don’t even want to know. Lint, dirt, dust, and debris are just the start. Let’s not mention the bacteria too. Think about everything you throw in your purse – not all of it is ‘clean’ right?

Now think about your brush bristles touching the bottom of your purse. Brushes grab anything and everything around them, which means you’re putting the dirt and debris into your hair. If you have frizzy hair, it will trap the debris and leave you with not only frizzy hair but dirty hair too.

Instead, look for a portable brush with a proper cover. It should cover the bristle securely so you don’t have to worry about where it goes in your purse or what it touches.

A Brush you’ll Use

You could carry ten portable brushes in your purse, but if you don’t use them, they don’t do you any good. So what’s the best purse hairbrush for frizzy hair?

It’s the one you’ll proudly use. For us, that means a cute hairbrush that’s fun to use. Why not add a little fun to your day, right? Brushing your hair, especially if it’s frizzy, probably doesn’t do much for you. It’s not exciting – it’s just another chore.

What if you could make it fun, though? A cute hairbrush is the best way to make it fun. A fun shape or bright colors are a great way to boost your mood. Even if you’re having a bad day, you can pull out your travel brush and it gives you a reason to smile.

Once you brush your hair, you’ll feel better too. The relaxation it provides along with the scalp stimulation is sometimes all we need to put ourselves in a better mood.

Get Yourself the Best Purse Brush Today

It’s time to spoil yourself and get yourself the most spectacular purse hairbrush today. The Macaron Travel Brush is cute, fun, easy to hold, and is multi-functional. It has the necessary cover to protect the bristles and it has a mirror to make fixing your hair or makeup a cinch.

Check out the wide selection of brushes available today and get yourself a fun and cute brush to spruce up your purse accessories and take care of your hair.

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