Sneaker Socks

With all of the varieties of socks, all of the different cuts available, it can be hard to decide what the best socks are. Sneaker socks or commonly known as ankle socks are definitely among the best when looking at versatility and general comfort. Of course, different occasions can call for different socks but ankle socks are all around usually the best choice, and here’s why.

The Comfort Of Sneaker Socks.

Most shoes that you’ll wear will cut off before your ankle, leaving the boney area exposed. Ankle socks take advantage of this by being cut just above this, ensuring that you’re getting some cushioning for your foot at every part of the shoe. This can help keep you cool during warmer months and give you enough room to tuck your long underwear into during the colder months.

General Versatility.

These types of socks go great for many different occasions. If you’re going out to a concert, on a hike, exercising or playing sports, or even just meeting up with that cute person you’ve been talking to for a cup of coffee. They fit well into most shoe types like sneakers, skate shoes, loafers, dress shoes, and even slipper type shoes like moccasins. Whether you’re wearing shorts, pants, or you’re wearing something a little more daring like Capri’s or highwaters they’ll always look great.

The Unfortunate Limitations Of Sneaker Socks.

No article of clothing will fit well with everything you wear, and at the end of the day the sock you wear comes down to personal preference for the occasion. Some people prefer a higher cut sock when dressing up for business meetings and formal events to ensure that they’re looking their best. In the colder months, it may also be preferable to wear higher cut socks for warmth and hiking boots can rub up on your Achilles tendon if you aren’t wearing high enough socks and this can cause a bit of chafing. All things considered, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a perfect sock solution with a single cut but the sneaker sock is your best bet for most situations.

Honorable Mention Socks.

With it being established that sometimes different occasions do call for different socks, it calls for mentioning a few other good socks to ensure that your wardrobe doesn’t have any blind spots. Crew cut socks are always another good choice to go with. These socks go halfway up your calf, making them a great choice for hiking boots to ensure you don’t get a rash from the rubbing of your boots while you hike. These can also be a great choice for working out and casual business wear if you aren’t too concerned about your legs showing if your pant leg rides up.

Sneaker Socks

Another great honorable mention is the over the calf sock. These socks go all the way up your leg, nearly to the knee, making them another great choice for keeping warm during the colder months and an excellent choice for formal wear if you are concerned about showing your leg if your pant leg rides up during the course of your affairs.

So Many Socks To Choose From.

There is truly a great variety of socks that you can choose from to fit your personality and the occasion for which you are dressing. From no show socks all the way up to over the knee socks, and many different materials, colors, and designs to choose from. The right kind of socks can bring your whole outfit together and give it a more put-together feel, while also surviving the purpose of keeping you warm or cool depending on the time of year and keeping your shoes smelling good for longer.

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