Brazil Nut

This plant that not too many people are aware of, is one of the best ones for the health of people coming from the Amazon rain forests.

It is a well-known product that local tribes have been using for centuries. The nut itself is living tremendously long. Up to 1,000 years old trees can be found. In this article, we’ll go over the details about it, and we’ll show you why it may be great for you. Follow up if you want to know more!

The Brazil Nut In More Details

The Latin name of this one is Bertholletia excelsa. It grows in South America and can reach a weight of over 4 pounds. It is rich with several ingredients that find its use in various segments and industries. See more details about it here.

Some of the most notable ingredients are the many antioxidants. Then there’s selenium, which is a part of the many other micronutrients that this product has inside. It is also rich with 75% unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Because of this, it is widely used for cooking.

The Health Industry Love It

There are more different uses when it comes to the health industry. In the health industry, the Brazil nut is used as an excellent fighter against thyroid problems.

More research showed that selenium may improve the work of the thyroid gland. As we already mentioned, this fruit is full of selenium and it is excellent in the fight against thyroid problems. If there’s no therapy whatsoever, the problem might become severe, and the person will get hypothyroidism which is a serious issue.

Another great thing about it is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Since they are rich with antioxidants, it’s clear that the inflammatory issues that one might have will be long gone when you get the daily dose.

Studies show that a serving of up to 50 milligrams can significantly reduce inflammatory issues. In other words, just a small serving of these nuts can reduce serious health problems.

It is also perfect for heart problems. Containing good cholesterol, it is an excellent therapy for those with heart problems. Another study showed that people who received the same dose of nuts, in just 9 hours lowered the levels of the bad cholesterol in their bodies.

The brain can also benefit from eating them. Since they are rich with selenium and antioxidants, and the brain depends on regular and rich oxygen intake, it’s clear that they are only good for the brain. It is proven that all foods rich with antioxidants are beneficial for the proper work of the brain. See in more details on this link:

Used In Skincare

The anti-inflammatory features are always wanted in the world of fashion and skincare. The anti-inflammatory products are nourishing the skin and provide fast and wonderful recovery from anything that might have hurt it in the past.

Brazil Nut

That’s why oils, crèmes, and other products that are being used for skin treatment are always using anti-inflammatory ingredients.

What is crucial here is that you need to look for a product that is rich with these ingredients. However, not every plant is the same. You’ll read the labels of some skincare products, and see that they are packed with olive oil. They claim this is the right ingredient.

They are not wrong, olive oil does have an anti-inflammatory effect, but some products have way more. The Brazil nut grows in the Amazon rain forests and is a truly amazing plant. With a tradition going on for eons, this magical tree produces probably the best anti-inflammatory product there is on the market.

In other words, if you want a skincare product, always look for those who are made of Brazil nuts. Nothing’s better than them when it comes to creating the best anti-aging crème or oil.


The Brazil Nut tree is truly amazing. As you can see, so many benefits come from it. Some people use it for their highly serious conditions and diseases, while others use it for their skincare routines and longevity of their skin. Either way, be sure that this product should be a part of our daily consumption this way or another.

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