The 5 Best FreeRider Travel Scooters

If you are looking for mobility scooters from a leading brand, look no further than FreeRider mobility scooters. FreeRider USA has over 25 years of mobility business experience and produces well-designed mobility scooters to suit the users’ needs.

The brand continually improves its scooters using recent innovations and technology to produce airline-approved and unique mobility scooters. Let us review the 5 best FreeRider travel scooters you can invest in today and regain your mobility independence.

FreeRider USA Luggie Classic

The Luggie Classic is a quick-folding and lightweight scooter weighing 72 pounds (including the battery) and has a 14.5-inch folding seat. This scooter is approved by FAA, TSA, and FDA, making it an airline-approved travel scooter.

It features a durable aluminum chassis, adjustable tiller, and flat-free tires. With a 12 Ah SLA battery, this scooter can reach a top speed of 4 mph and a maximum distance range of 10 miles. You will enjoy cruising with the Luggie Classic, which has a 40-inch turning radius and 250-pound weight capacity.

FreeRider USA Luggie Elite

Are you looking for a lightweight mobility scooter that can support more weight and go longer? This 57-pound scooter has a durable aluminum chassis, four flat-free tires, and an ergonomic handlebar that can adjust.

This FDA and TSA-approved scooter features a Lithium Polymer battery, a large 15.7-inch-wide ergonomic seat with armrests, and quickly folds to a “suitcase-like” model that you can easily pull. You will effortlessly ride in tight spaces since the scooter has a 35.5-inch turning radius.

The Luggie Elite can reach a 14-mile driving range in a single charge and support a 320-pound weight capacity. It reaches a maximum speed of 4 mph, but you can use the speed control dial to control how fast you go.

FreeRider USA Luggie Standard

Having a foldable and easy-to-operate scooter is made possible by the Luggie Standard. This scooter has an 8.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, a universal auto-converting charger, and a 14.5-inch-wide seat for comfort.

The Luggie Standard boasts of innovative design, quick folding-unfolding, an adjustable tiller, and the ability to drive in reverse. It has a top speed of 4 mph, a 35.5 inch turning radius, an 11 miles driving range, and can support a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

FreeRider Luggie Super Plus

The Luggie Super Plus has unique safety features like Smart Turn Technology for speed controlling when making turns, front shock absorbers, and four wide wheels. You can store your items on the large storage under the seat and enjoy riding the scooter with extended handlebars and a redesigned frame.

This airline-approved mobility scooter has an impressive 36 inch turning radius, 5 mph top speed, long driving range of 22 miles, and can support up to 360 pounds weight capacity.

FreeRider USA Luggie Super

This 67 pound folding travel scooter offers you comfort and safety. Some safety features of Luggie Super include limited speed, front-back alerts, an intelligent braking system and a speed control dial. The scooter can fold into a suitcase-like design to fit in your car trunk, bus, or airplane.

Luggie Super has an impressive 360 pounds weight capacity, an 11 miles driving range, with a 4.5 mph top speed. It has a comfortable seat with armrests and has a turning radius of 41.34 inches.

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