How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding?

Summertime weddings are most people’s idea of a dream. The warm summer days, the bright colours, the lush greenery. It doesn’t have to be a formal ceremony either. Summer weddings are among our favourite types of wedding planning because they’re casual and fun, but that doesn’t mean you should leave Continue Reading

A Quick Guide to Buying Zippers

Zippers are among the most frequently used fastening devices in the world today. You see it anywhere you go from clothing items such as jackets, trousers, dresses, and skirts; luggage, including traveling bags and fashion bags; and outdoor equipment, such as raincoats and tents. Ignored by most people, zippers are Continue Reading

Double cuff shirts are often used when going to stylish places. Shirts with double cuffs have holes on the sleeves for cufflinks. Thanks to these holes, the sleeves look neater when cufflinks are attached. Double-cuffed shirts are more preferred, especially in an elegant invitation. These shirts are more classic shirts Continue Reading

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