Is Custom–Made Clothing the Next Big Thing in Fashion?

Till recent years, women have always had to choose from fixed options in fashion. Everyone chiefly looked up to custom clothing because only the rich and the elite in society could afford customised clothing. However, custom clothing has been made available to all with changing times with the help of bespoke tailoring.

Women’s custom clothing is the new sensational trend in the fashion industry. Obtaining customised clothing solves your fitting issues, gives your closet a unique makeover and adheres to your comfort with the material and design you choose.

Admittedly, there is nothing that fits everyone to perfection. However, custom clothing is true to size and inclusive to all. Whether you are an XXS or 6XL, bespoke tailoring is the key to getting perfectly fitting clothes.

Gone are the days when women would wear plain blouses that only go well with a particular type of saree. Instead, a black, backless bra blouse with a pretty embroidered v-neckline can be versatile and fashionable. You can work it with a saree, a lehenga or a wrap-around skirt with the help of bespoke tailoring.

Cloud Tailor is a women’s custom clothing brand in India that offers custom tailoring online services and gives you fashion advice. Blouses with silver and gold string embroidery replace the need for accessories like heavy jewellery. However, you can add a matching waist chain to enhance the look.

Acquiring customised clothing has become so simple that one can use their creativity, choose their designs, and easily submit their measurements to a custom tailoring online website. Moreover, custom tailoring online is cost-efficient and sustainable.

Anyone gets bored with an everyday tee shirt. Replacing this with a custom clothing item will give you that boost in your confidence. Incorporating iconic patterns sewn in patches in your top with the help of custom tailoring online could be one chic way to replace your boring tee.

Playing around with the neckline could be another. Finally, a sequin off-shoulder top tailored with a deep cut towards the cleavage would surely steal the look—a stylish customised clothing piece that is only for you.

Running into people wearing the same clothes as you tend to leave everyone in an awkward position. Bespoke tailoring and custom tailoring online will be the saviour of this situation.

For the longest time in history, the designs of jeans and trousers have been monotonous. Given that large scale production generalises women’s body measurements and types. It isn’t easy to find the right pair of bottom wear that fits your waist, hip and thighs.

You will find your right fit with women’s custom clothing services and bespoke tailoring. Design your ripped patterns on jeans and add some faded areas around the hem with custom tailoring online to add to its funkiness.

Furthermore, you have the liberty to design your customised clothing according to your personality when you opt for custom tailoring online.

There are several reasons why customised clothing is the go-to in this day and age. Firstly, women are becoming more aware of their bodies. Hence, choosing custom clothing signifies an assertion of freedom over their bodies. Also, you must have noticed that most women feel more self-confident when they wear custom clothing.

Cloud Tailor, a women’s custom clothing brand in India, enables you to enjoy the comfort of a proper fit while being the designer of your creative masterpiece. An elegant dress that suits every occasion is necessary for a woman’s closet.

In bespoke tailoring, the tailor takes about 40 measurements of the client’s body. They do so that the customised clothing comfortably wraps around the client’s body. Unfortunately, ready-made dresses in the online and offline market are so frustratingly standard and do not fit anyone right.

An aesthetic approach for this can be a white bodycon dress with a fishtail stitched on its edges with a traditional piece of clothing like one with phulkari art. Additionally, embellished beads on cut shoulders would beautifully accentuate the body structure.

Likewise, a wrap-around A-line skirt made from high quality, hand-loom shawls promotes the hand-loom weavers and fusion fashion. Applying this same principle to accessories like purses, scarves, and handbags would work great with the outfit.

The world has long moved on from the traditional way of wearing things. You do not make clothes to fit into it, but it is the other way round. Women’s custom clothing is unquestionably the latest hype

A customised white, knitted shrug embedded with beads that resemble tiny daisies would look cute in all seasons. Pairing it with off white linen trousers, also a customised clothing item with slit sides over a black tank top would steal compliments.

In addition, customised tie-up tops tailored to your breast cup sizes and shape will undoubtedly give you so much comfort.

Customised clothing and bespoke tailoring are the choices of the environment-conscious people adopting a sustainable lifestyle with a chic fashion sense and personality.

With the increase in awareness and concerns for the environment and women’s rights over their bodies and preferences, one can therefore say that custom clothing is the next big thing in fashion. So, do not wait to consult a women’s custom clothing brand in India to get your clothes custom tailored.

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