Everybody is going crazy about Filorga Optim-Eyes cream. Truth be told, it’s the best eye contour product in the market right now… or ever! We shall not only look at the product itself, the brand will give us some clues of why you definitely should buy this, over other eye contour creams.

Only Good Things to Say About Filorga:

Unlike most skincare brands, Filorga is also a certified medical product manufacturer. With over 40 years since its foundation, it has turned into a highly recognized provider of aesthetic medicine services and great French skincare creations.

Currently, Filorga is leading the market in more than 60 countries, thanks to a fantastic Medi-Cosmetique line, that focuses on preventing and reducing the effects of aging with clinically tested and paraben-free formulas.

Another great thing about this French brand is its multi-professional team. Providing security to their customers, based on scientific results. Not only cosmetologists but also physicians, pharmacists, and biologists are included in the design of cutting-edge anti-aging solutions.

Filorga tested the result of its Optim-Eye cream in 57 women who used it continuously. It was demonstrated great effectiveness in the 3 main targets of the product:

  • Dark circles in the eye area.
  • Puffiness in the under-eye bags.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.

The Secret Ingredient to Success

The success of the Filorga Optim Eye full collection is due to their star ingredient: New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF). Initially, an injectable solution. It prevents and reduces some aging effects, such as wrinkles and dryness.

In a simple way, NCTF is the result of a blend that contains hyaluronic acid and New Cellular Encapsulated Factors (NCEF). This means 50 active ingredients that act powerfully against darkness, wrinkles, and swelling in the eyelids, among these:

  • 23 amino.
  • 12 vitamins.
  • 6 minerals.
  • 6 coenzymes.
  • 5 nucleic.
  • 2 antioxidants.

As explained before, the use of cutting-edge technology is the key to its success. With chromosphere technology, NCTF’s molecules melt in the skin and reach each one of its layers, by being minimal. Last but not least… Filorga does not conduct any tests on animals!

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But, Why Choose Optim-Eyes Cream Among Other Filorga’s Eye Products?        

It is extremely easy to use and at the same time extremely potent. You will only need to refrigerate it to boost some effects, apply it daily twice a day and no more than that! With one simple step, your look will be instantly revitalized and brightened up.

If your skin is dry, mature, sensitive or basically of any type, it will always be totally helpful and cause no damage at all. Filorga Optim Eyes is characterized by being fully delicate and soft. With powerful effects, its weight and scent are not even perceptible. It melts in your skin easily, with a fresh sensation.

Filorga Optim Eyes cream improves dark circles by reducing their pigmentation. Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, rejuvenating the look. Reduces puffiness in the lower eyelid, or under-eye bags. The action of its ingredients boosts circulation and smooths skin.

Also, the packaging was designed in order to be totally hygienic. This means, your touch or other factors won’t risk your skin health.

And What About the Price?

Its effectiveness with just one single application of a small amount of the product, makes it an option highly competitive in terms of price. While more expensive alternatives don’t combat aging effects as good as Filorga Optim Eyes, your acquisition will completely value the money paid.

Taking into account all these factors, Filorga Optim Eyes has been voted as the #1 eye contour cream out in the market. You should absolutely give it a chance! It will fulfill your expectations.

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