When buying a mobility scooter, you need to consider numerous options such as speed and usability. Some people will select scooters based on their speed, versatility, or agility. However, one of the most important factors to consider is comfortability to relieve your back problems.

Whether you are riding the mobility scooter indoors or outdoors, you need a comfortable device that makes you back relaxed when riding. This article reveals some of the best mobility scooters for comfortability and back problems.

Drive Cobra GT4

The Drive Cobra GT4 is a stylish yet excellent performing mobility scooter. It minimizes back problems since it features a spacious high-back swivel captain’s chair that can withstand a weight of up to 450 lbs. This scooter assures you safety with a seatbelt, emergency handbrake, and speed controls.

It features alloy wheels, full suspension (front and rear), and an ergonomic throttle handle which ensures you have smooth rides for up to 22 miles.

AfiScooter S4

The AfiScooter S4 is a comfortable and safe mobility scooter with enough power to cruise for 31 miles non-stop. It comes with advanced suspension, all-terrain wheels, and ergonomic steering, making it ride smoothly, whether indoor or outdoor.

It is spacious and has a high-back chair and armrests to offer you comfort. Besides, you will travel fast with a top speed of 9.3 mph- 11.5 mph. The unit has an automatic sensor that switches it off if you over-squeeze the accelerator. More so, you can fit many extra options such as a canopy to protect from sun and rain.

EV Rider Vita Monster S12X

The EV Rider Vita Monster S12X is a powerful, all-terrain mobility scooter with a 900-watt motor. It features four large elevated-tread wheels, 3D rear suspension, and double A-arm front suspension, which gives you smooth rides in all terrains.

It has enough power to reach 28 miles and 11.5 mph top speed. This unique mobility scooter also has a spacious 20″ captain’s chair, full LED lights, roll bar, adjustable tiller, and cup holder. With the informative digital LCD, you will always be in the know while riding this scooter.

AfiScooter SE

The AfiScooter SE comes with a Black & chrome retro design that resembles a motorcycle. Besides the unique style, this scooter provides comfort and high maneuverability. The three-wheel design makes it negotiate sharp corners easily.

The ergonomic tiller with an electronic command system, orthopedic rotatable chair, and armrests provides comfort and easy usability. With its power, you can reach top speeds of 9.3mph and up to 28 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it has a high ground clearance and large pneumatic tires for stability without damaging the deck.

FreeRider FR Superior Edition-1

The FreeRider FR Superior Edition-1 is designed to offer you high usability and comfort. It features four 13-inch pneumatic tires, front and rear suspension, and an easily-adjustable tiller. This mobility scooter has a high ground clearance of 6.4″ and a turning radius of 76″, which increases maneuverability.

Further, this mobility scooter has a 50 AGM battery which can power it for up to 40 miles with 9.6 mph top speed! The LCD digital dashboard and full lighting package means you can use it day or night. Extra features include two onboard baskets.

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