Grow Plants In Water

Have you seen those cute little bottles where plants are grown without soil, only in water? Not only are they fantastic, but you have to worry a lot less about them.

To get acquainted with this original way of bringing greenery to your home, we at toronto online flower shop will start with the basics, more specifically, the name! So, the technique by which there are plants that can be grown without soil is called hydroponics. Ideal for all people who travel a lot, or for anyone with irrigation problems, hydroponics can be a good solution.

In addition, plants that live this way tend to be more potent, as the fertilizer we add to the plants dissolves in water and absorbs directly through the root. Also, have you known that plants grown in this way are absolutely ideal for any corner of the room?


The method consists in keeping the root immersed in a pot of water, which contains the nutrients the plant needs. For some plants, the water may be sufficient, for others it may be necessary to add clay or gravel balls to the bottom to keep the stems upright. Glass jars are usually used because we can better control the water level and root condition, but it is not necessary. The truth is, they look pretty in vases, bottles and even cans.

Of course, you cannot grow any plant this way. There are different methods that depend on how you get the plant. If it is a cut stem, you will need to put one end of the cuttings in the water and wait a few weeks until the roots begin to sprout. On the other hand, if the plant you bought is small with roots or a piece obtained by separating the parent plant, the first thing you should do is eliminate, as far as possible, the soil that the roots bear, to prevent dirt in the water, if any happen, do not despair, but change the water.

As for the water to use, the best is tap water, which is usually chlorinated, contains lime or even salt if filtered. You should change it once a month, or as needed, as the container evaporates.

With this minimal effort to keep the plant alive, you can add another: a few grains of soluble fertilizer, or a few drops of liquid fertilizer into the water after each change, to keep the plant in perfect condition. Just be careful, if you even overdo it with the amount of fertilizer, it can harm the plant.

Due to the effect of the sun, the water can turn green due to the microscopically small algae. Don’t worry, these algae do not cause damage to the roots of the plants or replace the vase with water if you wish. Also, the roots can grow. In this case, split the plant and you will receive a new copy.

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